Ross and Jenny are Trackside on the Union Pacific's Ayer Subdivision in Cheney WA.

Railfan a Union Pacific train with us in eastern Washington State. We spent a little time out in the August heat to see a mixed manifest with some Canadian Pacific locomotives on it.

Ross and Jenny are Trackside in the heat of the day in Cheney WA.

We set up in Cheney, Washington in the heat of the summer to watch and film grain trains. These trains are vital for supplying food to the world. Depending on the car capacity and type of grain being transported, a grain car can haul 3,200 to 4,200 bushels of grain per unit. A typical 110-unit grain train can haul anywhere from 352,000 to 462,000 bushels of grain.

In 2017, BNSF alone hauled 1.1 million carloads of agricultural commodities; this equates to supplying 900 million people with a year’s supply of bread.

Ross and Jenny went out Trackside in the heat of the day in downtown Spokane to see what we could catch. This location is really close to Sunset Junction, a local hobby retailer that specializes in model railroad supplies.

We caught this westbound Union Pacific stack train led by UP 2740 while en route to Portland, OR. (This is at NE Tumalt Rd and NE Warrendale Rd right off from Hwy 84. We did not go past the grade crossing as this was marked private road with many signs. ) The skies were a bit smoky from the fires in Canada and it was evening making it good lighting for videos. We hope you enjoy this catch as much as we did.

On our way through Salem, Oregon we caught the Portland & Western and decided to stop just north of town to shoot it. (This is at highway 219 just north of town.) Again, the skies were really smoky that evening and the lighting was great for video. I really enjoyed this catch because it was lead by two SD45s with the leader being P&W 3052 and the P&W 3053 as the trailing unit. It was an old school log train, and it's 2017! We hope you enjoy this video and that it will inspire you to maybe model a modern log train being pulled by some SD45s.

Here is a 4K video of a BNSF stack train in Spokane. The first few seconds is a time lapsed scene of downtown. This was shot near the Spokane Junction model train shop. This stack train was led by BNSF 8262 with CSX 808 as the trailing unit, enjoy.

We caught this oil can train on the Sullivan overpass where it crosses the BNSF in Spokane, WA. It was evening and there was some great lighting and reflections off all the cans. This train was led by BNSF 6080 and had DPUs.

BNSF in Hope, ID on the MRL line. We took a break and headed up to north Idaho to catch a few trains on the MRL. This mixed manifest was led by BNSF 5195, enjoy.

BNSF in Naples, ID, this was the same trip as the MRL line from above. We caught two trains plus a goat while visiting this location! The first train was led by BNSF 8279 and the second one was led by BNSF 6808. Both trains are intermodal stack trains, enjoy.

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