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Trackside Model Railroading is the magazine for model railroad enthusiasts who want an in-depth view of layouts. We cover two layouts each month, including all fine scales. Our railfanning style includes video of the trains running on the layouts as well as an article and many photographs of each layout we share.


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We offer some of the layouts we feature on Blu-ray & DVD. The videos are usually 80-120 minutes and have much more video of the layouts and often bonus features that are not in the magazine.

Trackside Model Railroading's Current Issue

Layouts featured in this month's magazine:

Logging the Sugar Pine Forests of California in O Scale
Come explore Chuck Lind's Tall Pine Lumber Company with Trackside! The O scale layout is a freelanced railroad that borrows from the West Side Lumber Company's operations in Tuolumne County, California. You'll see the West Side's 3-foot narrow gauge motive power working alongside the Tall Pine Lumber Company; the railroad also interchanges with the standard gauge Sierra Railroad in Tuolumne. You'll learn the story of the layout and how it was constructed and get to railfan trains on the layout. We know you'll love the TPLC.

Mining Across the Scales
We share examples of mining on ten different layouts. You'll see mines and mining-related industries modeled in N, HO, S, and O scale.

Building Grade Crossings
We built three different grade crossings: a farm crossing, a rural (wooden) crossing, and a concrete crossing. We share the steps in this project so you can build one or more of them yourself. The project includes a downloadable PDF that you can print and cut out if you wish to build the concrete crossing.


Tour layouts in depth each month with Trackside.

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