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Layouts in the May 2019 Free Edition

AT&SF - Peavine Division in HO Scale

See John Dulaney's HO scale layout modeled somewhat after the Santa Fe's Peavine Line. He models from Phoenix to Ash Fork and over the mountains to Winslow. The layout is based from 1963-1975. The feature includes lots of photos, the story of the layout, and video of Train 542 as it travels from Phoenix to Winslow and makes deliveries and pickups along the way.

TCM Railroad in HO Scale

Watch the TCM Railroad at work in eastern Washington on this detailed modular layout. You'll see steam and diesel locomotives- mostly BN predecessors, the BN, and the BNSF as we progress through the years. We share lots of photos and video of the railroad along with the creative story of the independent branch line.

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