April 2020 Trackside Model Railroading Digital Magazine

Fred Kaser's
Willamette & Western Railroad
Multiple Modelers'
Steam Layouts

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O Scale

Multi Scale

Making an Aspen Tree

Layouts in the April 2020 Issue

Willamette & Western Railroad in O Scale

Come enjoy this 2-foot narrow gauge, freelanced layout by Fred Kaser. The Willamette & Western is based in Oregon in 1917. You'll learn the history of the railroad and how the model transformed over the years as Fred made modifications and expansions. The W&W is designed for operations, and Fred shares in detail how he handles ops on the pike. Much of the W&W is scratch-built and its creative story is quite interesting. The feature includes lots of photos and a video of some of the layout's operations.

Steam Through the Years in Multiple Scales

We take a look back at some of the many layouts we have featured over the years. This feature shares a few pictures from 16 layouts in O, S, HO, and On30 and shares a bit about the modelers and their work. You'll enjoy quite a variety of different layouts and get a peek at what these modelers have built. We focus on just steam motive power.

Make Your Own Scale Aspen Tree
Build an aspen tree for your own layout or diorama. The project is not difficult and any modeler should be able to complete it. Our sample tree is in HO scale.

Fred Kaser's Willamette & Western Railroad in O Scale

Steam Layouts in Various Scales