July 2024 Trackside Model Railroading Digital Magazine

Multiple Modelers

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Spar Pole

Defects in Ops

Wire Trees

In this Month's Issue

Modeling High-Lead Logging with a Spar Pole
This feature explores the history of the spar pole in logging and ways that it can be modeled to make your layout more interesting. Examples are shown from multiple layouts modeling spar poles, as well as with historical photos.

Slow Orders and Defects in Operations
Make your operations more interesting by randomizing different types of defects and slow orders. We give examples of defects you can add to keep your crew on its toes.

Scratch-Build Wire Trees
Scratch-build your own trees using wire. This project is completed in HO scale but can be applied to other scales. We share each step in detail with a photograph to illustrate it.

Stan Oxendahl's O Scale Layout

Bill Scheef's S Scale Layout