Layouts in the March 2020 Free Edition


Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad in HO Scale

Join us as we tour the Osoyoos Desert Model Railroad in British Columbia, Canada. You'll learn the story of how the Pedersen family built the HO scale layout, which is based in a freelanced version of Germany. You'll see many photos of the layout and its impressive cityscapes. The magazine also includes a short interview/railfanning video with some of the family members.

Batline Railroad in HO Scale

We also share Len Bruening's freelanced layout in progress, the Batline, in HO scale. The layout has an unusual track plan and is built for operations. You'll learn a bit about how Len operates and get to see the Batline crews at work on the layout. The magazine includes the story of the layout and how he planned and built it as well as lots of full-size images and railfanning video. The Batline is based in the mid-1950s and runs secondhand locomotives. You'll see mostly RGS and GN diesels at work. We also share 360-degree images of the Batline for subscribers.

Build an Aged Retaining Wall
We make an old stone and concrete retaining wall in this month's project.

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