October 2021 Trackside Model Railroading Digital Magazine

Carl Brainerd and Gerry Yurkoski

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HO Scale

HO Scale

Roadside Flat Repair in Multiple Scales

In the October 2021 Issue

Weyerhaeuser Subsidiary Logs the Pacific Northwest in HO Scale
Tour the Clear Lake Timber Company, Carl Brainerd's freelanced, HO scale logging railroad. You will love this exquisitely-modeled little layout. In this feature, you'll learn about the layout's construction and scenery and how Carl operates it, and you'll get to see the railroad at work. A short interview with Carl at the layout is included.

You Could Own this Beautiful Canadian Pacific Layout in HO Scale
This previously featured, bedroom-sized layout is now for sale: check out Gerry Yurkoski's Flathead Valley Branch of the Canadian Pacific Railway, a freelanced layout based in a mythical location in the Canadian Rockies. You'll see photos of the layout from our feature as well as some overall photos and detail shots that Gerry took.

Modeling a Flat Tire Roadside Repair
Create a unique scene showcasing a flat tire repair. We created a printable PDF of a strut and brake assembly for O, HO, or N scale that you can install on a model vehicle. Then scratch-build a bottle jack according to our step-by-step instructions and make your own scene. This project is shomewhat challenging because the parts are small, but if you have a steady hand and a little patience, you'll be fine (but N scale will be tougher!).

Carl Brainerd and Gerry Yurkoski's HO scale layouts