September 2020 Trackside Model Railroading Digital Magazine

Mike Long's
Paradox Valley Railroad
Multiple Modelers'
HO and N Scale Layouts

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O Scale

HO and N Scale

Build a Coal Loader Jig

Layouts in the September 2020 Issue

Paradox Valley Railroad in O Scale 30"

Come tour Mike Long's On30 Paradox Valley Railroad based in the 1930s-40s in Colorado. Although it was founded as a mining railroad, this freelanced shortline now serves the logging industry and the local farmers. The large pike is beautifully modeled; lots of full-sized images are sure to keep your interest as you read about its creative history and recent changes.

Backdrop Scenes that Can Visually Extend Your Layout

This article shares ideas of how you can add interest to your railroad with a detailed background along with specific photographic examples from several layouts in HO and N scale.

Creating a Coal Loader for Your Coal Trains

We show how to make a jig for loaded coal cars that look like today's modern, automated coal loads. This little coal loader could be used for live load operations if you wanted to add something like this to your operating sessions.

Paradox Valley Railroad in O Scale 30"

HO and N Scale