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March 2017 Digital Magazine

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March 2017 Magazine on DVD and Blu-ray

For those who would like to view the magazine on their televisions, you can now purchase the magazine on DVD or Blu-ray. The DVD and Blu-ray will contain the entire magazine with a video of both layouts that includes photos and video with a narration of the articles. There will also be the option to view the magazine page by page (which can be paused if you wish). The DVD and Blu-ray will play the same way, but the Blu-ray video is higher quality and has a smoother playback due to a higher frame rate.

DVD and Blu-ray pre-orders will ship on the 20th of the month. Orders prior to the end of the month will receive a $2.00 pre-order discount. All subscribers and those who have already purchased this month’s magazine will also receive an additional $2.00 off (a potential savings of $4.00 off retail price).

All US orders will include free shipping. International orders will be subject to shipping costs. Our DVDs and Blu-rays are region free and are in NTSC format.

Mar 2017 Blu-ray or DVD Select

Run Time: About 45 Minutes
Video Includes Photographs and video from both layouts with narrated articles.
Photographs with narration on how-to project.
Playable page view of the digital magazine (option to pause and read).
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Language: English
Appropriate for All Ages
Blu-Ray Specs: Format 720/60p for Topset Blu-ray Players
Enjoy fluid playback on your TV with the 60 motion images per second.
DVD Specs: Format 480/30p for Topset DVD Players
Produced by Trackside Model Railroading™

Colorado & Rio Grande Southern Corp
Greg and Maggie Walters’ HO scale layout is the freelanced Colorado & Rio Grande Southern Corporation, which operates in autumn 1964. The layout is built on three interconnected levels in standard gauge HO, HOn3, and a section of HOn30. The vertical structure allows for quite a bit of railroading in a small space. The showcase layout is a great example of what can be done in a small space when you build vertically.

M&W Railroad
The M&W Railroad is a freelanced HO scale railroad modeled by Chris LeBaugh. The layout features the Great Northern Railway in a freelanced locale in the 1950s. Chris runs both diesel and steam locomotives on the layout, and in addition to the GN he runs some Southern Pacific and Spokane, Portland & Seattle power. The M&W is a good layout for operations.