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Video list for December 2016 Free Edition

Pete Vassler’s

Canyon Creek Timber Railway

It’s a November day, just after Thanksgiving, and we see the Canyon Creek Scenic run led by Shay #8 with its long train filled with rail fans and cameras to capture some nice shots of the autumn scenery that southwestern Washington’s Skamania County has to offer. It has been raining, hard at times, but has let up a little so the riders in the open cars just may remain dry. The accommodating crew backs the entire train over the Noah & Peterson old log pond trestle so that a fan on shore can take a great bit if video. We can only hope that those two canoers who got a little crazy and capsized their vessel were rescued by one of the witnesses paddling nearby.

Old High Hood #77 returns to the yard from doing some switching up at Camp Umpteen, as Canyon Creek’s workhorse SP&S #50 runs loads of lumber, chips and a couple of empties to the interchange track.
Canyon Creek Timber Co operations showing a typical lash-up of Shay locomotives #2 and 9 with mandatory water car heading up to Log Camp #3 for a load of logs to be taken down the mountain to the mill…only 14 skeleton car loads today.

Southwestern WA Model Railroaders

Southwestern WA Model Railroaders Club



December 2016 Free Edition Trackside Model Railroading Digital Magazine

Layouts in the December 2016 Issue

Canyon Creek Timber Railway
Pete Vassler’s Canyon Creek Timber Railway is an HO scale freelanced railroad based in Skamania County, Washington State. Pete models a rainy day in November 1956, and the logging town and surrounding area are meticulously detailed with pine trees, mountains, and waterfalls. Pete uses a gloss medium to create puddles and streams and a wet look on locomotives and rolling stock. He and his wife Barbara own Canyon Creek Scenics and make scale trees and other details for modelers. You will see a good sampling of their work on the layout. This feature includes an article, photographs, and video of the layout for a full experience of a rainy northwestern logging railroad.

Southwestern WA Model Railroaders Club
We also visit a Vancouver, Washington model railroad club this month, the Southwestern Washington Model Railroaders. The club models two layouts in HO scale. The main layout features the towns of Longview and Anderson as well as a logging operation in the mountains and small ore and gravel mines. A barge at the port on the Columbia River rolls into the other room to interchange with the club’s secondary switching layout. The layout is loosely based in the 1950s (though club members have the freedom to run other equipment). There are many interesting scenes that you will enjoy, and you can visit this layout in person if you are in Vancouver.

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December 2016 Free Edition Trackside Model Railroading

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