Trackside Model Railroading is the magazine for model railroad enthusiasts who want an in-depth view of layouts. We cover two layouts each month, including all fine scales. Our railfanning style includes video of the trains running on the layouts as well as an article and many photographs of each layout we share.

You can now subscribe to the magazine on DVD every month.

A DVD of each monthly magazine will include everything that is in the premuim magazine, plus extra video and images. The videos are narrated (both the articles and the railfanning) and still photos are included in the video along with the video of the trains.

The monthly DVD videos will come in a 2-disc case. One disc is the DVD video, intended to be watched in a topset DVD player on your television. The other disc will be a data disc that has the magazine pdf file on it along with high definition video for your computer. (360 degree video cannot be properly displayed on a television, so it will not be on the DVD video discs. However, it is be included on the data discs and can be viewed on your computer with the appropriate software. Windows 10 fully supports 360 degree video with the correct video card or newer i Series Intel CPU. Other operating systems will require you to download the software.)

Most monthly DVDs will be 60 minutes to 90 minutes long, but length will vary.

Port Columbia and Eastern

Port Columbia and Eastern Railroad in HO Scale

The freelanced Port Columbia & Eastern Railroad connects the town of Port Columbia on the Columbia River with Waitsburg and Orchard on the east side of Washington. The railroad’s route crosses White Pass. It hauls logs and ore down from the mountains and a variety of other freight along the route. You will see the Port Columbia & Eastern’s own custom-painted locomotives in its striking black and yellow paint scheme as well as other power on the layout. Some of the other railroads we include in our feature are the Milwaukee Road, the Union Pacific, and the Great Northern. We think you will enjoy the scenic layout, which includes an interesting wharf, lots of industry in the cities, and the rivers and forests up in the mountains where the logging line and mines operate. We include photographs, video, and a story of the PC&E.

Pacific Rail and Transportation

Pacific Rail and Transportation in N Scale

See Mike Bucy’s Pacific Rail & Transportation in operation. The N scale layout is a freelanced shortline built on a door with an extension. Mike is predominately interested in operations, so he has included seven industries for the railroad to serve and an elevated branch line. The Class III railroad also interchanges with the BNSF. The railroad is nicknamed the PacRaT and has a long history in the fictional Pacific Northwestern town of West Creston. It runs older secondhand power, mostly GP9s and GP38s. We include a short video of the layout along with the photos and the story.