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Trackside Model Railroading is launching its first Free Edition on September 20th 2016! The Free Edition is a smaller version of our Premium Edition. The magazine will feature the same two layouts each month as the Premium Edition, but it contains less photographs and shorter videos of each layout. The Premium Edition will remain the same as always, advertisement free as it should be. The Free Edition will only comes in one size that is designed for mobile devices but will still work fine on a desktop computer.

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Accompanying the photographs is an article about each layout and its owner. Whenever possible, we also include high definition video of the trains running on the layout. Clickable videos are inside the magazine when using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. As you read a layout article, you will come across a video capture image. Just click on the picture and the video will launch. This does, however, require that you have an internet connection, as the videos are in HD and would be too large to embed in the magazine.

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Rio Grande Southern & Denver & Rio Grande Western in On3
This month we visit Jim Reardon’s Rio Grande Southern and Denver & Rio Grande Western layout, featuring the towns of Murphy, Cumbres, and freelanced Nocksville. Jim scratch-built trestles and tunnels from the area and models the mid-1950s on the picturesque pike.
HO Scale Colorado Midland & W. Hill Logging Branch Line
We also travel back in time on Wayne Hill’s layout, which is a freelanced version of the Colorado Midland Railroad based in 1917. Wayne and several friends have modeled parts of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. They model the town of Ivanhoe and the Ivanhoe-Busk Tunnel, as well as early 1900s logging in Hagerman Pass on the W. Hill Branch Line.
Build a Road on Your Layout
The project this month shows you how to build a road with a crossing on your layout or diorama. If you want to build the precast concrete crossing along with the road, you will need to refer to the September 2014 issue of Trackside Model Railroading. That issue includes the printable crossing (in HO scale) and the instructions to build it. (You can also build the road without using that crossing if you wish.)

O Scale Rio Grande Southern RR
Trackside Model Railroading Jim Reardon’s O Scale Rio Grande Southern & Denver & Rio Grande Western

HO Scale Colorado Midland RR
Trackside Model Railroading Wayne Hill’s HO Scale Colorado Midland & W. Hill Logging Branch Line