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January 2017 Magazine on DVD and Blu-ray

Jan 2017 Blu-ray/DVD Select

Great Northern in Stevens Pass
Larry Kennedy models the electric and steam lines of the Great Northern Railway route from Wenatchee in central Washington State west through the Cascade Mountains and over Stevens Pass. The large HO scale layout is based in 1950 and is exquisitely modeled. Larry’s love for building scenery and structures shows in the quality of his work. You will enjoy wide, picturesque scenes of this layout with both photographs and video. We also include an article about the layout in our feature. Larry’s layout was featured in the NMRA Portland Daylight Express tour in 2015.

West Coast Lumber Company
Chris Jacobs models the West Coast Lumber Company in HO scale on his small garage layout. Chris enjoys modeling detailed scenes and has managed to fit many storytelling mini scenes on the layout. The lumber company operates in the small town of Cascade Junction, based in the Pacific Northwest in the 1950s. It has recently acquired new equipment from a former logging operation in the area and is moving much of that equipment into town by rail. Chris runs both steam and diesel locomotives on the layout. The West Coast Lumber Company feature also includes photos, video, and an article.

Build a Construction Garbage Load for a Gondola Car
Use household materials to build a covered construction scrap load. You will need a variety of readily-available materials to complete this project. It is simple enough for newer modelers to complete and should not cost you anything. We make the load easily removable so that you can include it in your operating sessions. It can be completed in any scale.

February 2017 Magazine on DVD and Blu-ray

Feb 2017 Blu-ray/DVD Select

Washoe Valley Connecting Railway
Ron Ippoliti's freelanced Washoe Valley Connecting Railway in HO and HOn3 was inspired by the shortline Virginia & Truckee Railroad in Nevada. You will see Southern Pacific power on the layout along with Ron's own Washoe Valley Connecting Railway and Yacolt Railway. Ron operates in about 1960 and has modeled the layout in a more Pacific Northwest locale. The layout is built for operations and includes a wide variety of industries and several cities.

Kitchen Canyon Railroad
The Kitchen Canyon Railroad is Dan Allen's HO scale freelanced layout built around the Wauconda Quarry, which produces limestone. In addition to serving the quarry, the railroad hauls fruit, lumber, fertilizer, and other goods for the towns of Kitchen Canyon, Amyville, and Wauconda. The layout is based in 1947 and runs only steam locomotives. The quarry is based on the prototypical Wauconda Quarry, which is located in northeastern Washington State.

Make Tall Grass Tufts for Your Layout
We show you how to make tall grass tufts for your layout using animal hair. The project is simple and can easily completed by newer modelers.