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Sagebrush Tree Armatures – Diseased, Dead, Dying, or Unusually Shaped

Look around in any forest, along a creek, or even in a park or neighborhood, and you’ll find a few oddball trees. Some are just misshapen, and some are diseased, dying, or completely dead. Add a few of these trees to your layout and use your imagination to make a creative scene. You can leave them stark and dead with no foliage, add leaves to a few of the branches, or even lay them down on the ground alongside a parks department crew, complete with chainsaws. Some of the trees in our diseased/dying/dead collection will be missing bark or have peeling bark and some will have large, broken branches or just very odd shapes so you can create your own talking point.

1 inch = about 13 feet in N scale, about 7 feet in HO scale, about 5 feet in S scale, or 4 feet in O scale

Real-life trees range greatly in height, from tiny ornamental trees that are only a few feet tall up to large oaks over 80 feet, honey locust as high as 140 feet, or bigleaf maple trees over 150 feet tall. You’ll want to consider what type of trees you want to model to help you determine what size armatures you need to best represent them. For example, in HO, an 80′ oak would be 11 1/4.”

Our trees are harvested when you order and then frozen to about -40 degrees to kill any potential bugs. We ship as quickly as we can, but it can take up to five days to process, depending on quantity. Please note that you are ordering the armature, not a finished tree with foliage. The photo with the foliage is included to give a representation of what a finished tree can look like. We are currently shipping only within the U.S., but if you live in another country and want to order armatures, please let us know and we will find out if we can ship to your country (these sagebrush are native to the U.S., but there are restrictions in some other countries). Also, if you want a larger tree than what is listed, let us know and we will see what we can do.

Weight 2.00 oz

1 inch armature, 2 inch armature, 3 inch armature, 4 inch armature, 5 inch armature, 6 inch armature, 7 inch armature, 8 inch armature, 9 inch armature, 10 inch armature, 11 inch armature, 12 inch armature, 13 inch armature, 14 inch armature, 15 inch armature, 16 inch armature, 17 inch armature, 18 inch armature, 19 inch armature, 20 inch armature


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