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By joining the Trackside Model Railroading Membership you authorize us to contact you about new digital magazines that will be released. We may also at our option contact you about other things related to model railroading and can include 3rd party information sent by us that we feel you would benefit you. Below is a statement about how we will treat your email and contact information based on our company policies and business practices.

We are Google certified as an authentic sender with all ISPs and mail servers, this means we do not spam our customers like some others do. We treat our customers as we would like to be treated. We do not sell your info and we refuse to "lease" your name and email out to those that are willing to pay. If you are a company that is interested in such things you are wasting your time asking us. We do not wish to make a fraction of a cent off our readers so you can spam them. This is our promise to you, our readers.

If you would like to have us promote your products you can do so by contacting us about ad placements within our magazine. This is the only method we provide and we obtain the rights to refuse anything that is not railroad related or child appropriate. Our goal is to introduce the future generation to this wonderful hobby so one day they can become the next master of the hobby of model railroading.