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DVD Subscription

You can now subscribe to the magazine on DVD every month. The DVDs feature the same layouts as the magazine with a lot more video. The videos are narrated (both the articles and the railfanning). Some DVDs also include additional stories or special features that are not in the magazine. The still photos are also shown in a separate section with the captions read aloud. The upfront DVD subscription is by the calendar year. If you subscribe, the already-completed DVDs for the year will be sent to you right away. The months not yet finished will be sent as they are completed. Most monthly DVDs are 80 minutes to two hours long, but length will vary.

International subscribers, please see note below.

One-time 12 Month Upfront Payment
12 Monthly DVDs $195.99 USD
Each DVD Video is $16.33 USD
Retail Each $32.99 USD

Trackside Model Railroading DVD Cover January 2018

International Subscribers:

We have a subscription that ships every six months, or annually to help you with shipping costs. Please note that the DVDs are produced in NTSC format (region free).

International 6 pack 1st half 2018

Buy Now 99.00 USD Plus Shipping Retail $197.94 USD

What is NTSC format?

NTSC is supported by default by most devices worldwide, even if you are in a PAL country.

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