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Here are the layouts in the 2016 archives

Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad in HO
We share Dave Greenwood's Weyerhaeuser Woods Railroad this month. It is a freelanced, modern version of the WTCX in HO scale, modeled as if the railroad never sold to Patriot Rail Corp. Dave's layout also models the Union Pacific and the BNSF, which interchange with the Weyerhaeuser on the layout. He includes Kelso and Ostrander, Washington and part of the logging line up toward the landfill. He has built a number of custom Weyerhaeuser locomotives which are carefully detailed and a pleasure to watch in action on the model railroad.

Longview, Kelso, and Rainier Railway in HO
Visit the Longview, Kelso, and Rainier Model Railroad Club's HO scale freelanced pike. The LK&R is based in the late 1970s to early 1980s and is sectional so that the club can travel with it to train shows. The LK&R hauls a variety of freight and is available for the public to visit in Kelso, Washington.

Western Consolidated Rail
Jack Melton's Western Consolidated Rail, a freelanced HO scale layout running both Union Pacific and BNSF Railroads. His layout is a carefully planned multi-level layout built in a small shed. Modelers who enjoy more modern layouts will appreciate this one, as it ranges from the late-1970s through the year 2005. Photographs and video are included with the article.

1960s Bavarian Germany
Visit a small German layout located in Landshut, Bavaria, Germany. It is an N scale layout based in the 1960s. It was built by late modeler Fred Fischer, and is now maintained by its new owner Heinz Streng. The layout is a freelanced version of Bavaria and is a good one to look at if you have a small space in which to build a layout and need ideas for the best way to utilize the space. The article is accompanied with photographs, but there is no video included with this feature.

HO Scale Union Pacific and Shortline Logging in Oregon
Lee Anderson models the Union Pacific Railroad and the freelanced R.B. Anderson & Son Logging Company Railroad on his eastern Oregon HO scale layout. The 1940s to present day time frame allows for both diesel and steam locomotives on his highly detailed layout. Both logging railroad enthusiasts and fans of the UP will enjoy Lee's work. Our feature includes an article about the layout and a video of both the UP and the RBA & SL in operation.

Burlington Northern Pacific Coast in HO
Gary Walker's Burlington Northern HO scale layout operates from Tacoma to Vancouver, Washington from the mid-1980s to the present day. You will see a variety of modern equipment on the layout and enjoy the stories Gary tells with his detailed scenes. We focus mostly on the Tacoma area in our feature, which includes video of the layout running.

Chehalis Pacific Railroad in HO
We tour the Chehalis Pacific Railroad this month, an HO scale museum model railroad. The Lewis County Model Railroad Club models a freelanced version of southwestern Washington State's Lewis County and members built models of many of the local industries from scratch. The layout is based in the 1970s and runs the Northern Pacific, Burlington Northern, Union Pacific, Milwaukee Road, and the Weyerhaeuser. This large museum layout is highly detailed and has been created by several experienced modelers. Our feature includes an article, photographs of the layout, and a video of the trains in action.

HO Scale Storybook Schleching, Germany
We also tour Peter Lofgren's HO scale Storybook Schleching, Germany tabletop layout this month, which is based in 1960 in southern Bavaria. Peter runs a Royal Bavarian State Railway 37187-01 4-6-2 steam locomotive as well as a Ce 6/8 III Swiss Crocodile and rail cars for passenger service on the demonstration layout. The small 4x10 foot layout is lightweight and intended to be a portable demonstration layout. We include an article as well as both photo and video of the layout.

Never Come Never Go Railroad in HO
David Bond models the Never Come Never Go Railroad, a freelanced railroad based on the Nevada County Narrow Gauge and the Southern Pacific. On his layout, the two railroads merged and run Southern Pacific power to serve the mines and the logging industry in northeastern California. The NCNG is based in the late 1970s to early 1980s and features many scratch-built structures that David designed from photographs of the prototype that he took during that time period. Southern Pacific fans should especially enjoy this layout. The feature includes an article, photographs, and a video.

Newaukum Valley Narrow Gauge in On30
This month we tour Kevin Miller's Newaukum Valley Narrow Gauge Railroad, a freelanced layout in On30. Kevin's layout is well designed and clean. He runs custom locomotives to serve the three towns of Shaw, Beasley, and George on his western Washington layout. This feature includes an article, photographs, and a video of the layout.

Erie Lackawanna Memories Branchline in HO
Visit the Lehigh Valley in Pennsylvania in the late 1950s to early 1960s with Bob Stafford's Erie Lackawanna Memories Branchline. The HO scale layout is a freelanced representation of Northampton County, Pennsylvania's industrial towns of that era. The layout focuses on realistic operations and is an unusual design that can fold up to make room for a car in the garage where it is constructed. An article with photos and a short video are part of this feature.

Olympic Northern Railroad in N Scale
We tour Roy Cutler's Olympic Northern Railroad this month, a freelanced N scale layout built for operations. The large layout is built throughout his basement and is highly detailed. It is set in scenic western Washington from the late 1960s to 1970. The ONRR serves a variety of industries and hauls logs and lumber, coal, livestock, chemicals, automobiles, and other types of freight. The feature includes an article, photographs, and video of the railroad.

Eastern Cascades Railroad in HO Scale
The Eastern Cascades Railroad is a large, freelanced HO scale layout built by the Eastern Cascades Model Railroad Club in Bend, Oregon. It is based in the transition era from steam to diesel in central Oregon. We share the HO scale layout as well as a little bit about the club's 1.5" ridable railroad that it maintains on its property.

Rio Grande Southern & Denver & Rio Grande Western in On3
This month we visit Jim Reardon’s Rio Grande Southern and Denver & Rio Grande Western layout, featuring the towns of Murphy, Cumbres, and freelanced Nocksville. Jim scratch-built trestles and tunnels from the area and models the mid-1950s on the picturesque pike.

HO Scale Colorado Midland & W. Hill Logging Branch Line
We also travel back in time on Wayne Hill’s layout, which is a freelanced version of the Colorado Midland Railroad based in 1917. Wayne and several friends have modeled parts of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. They model the town of Ivanhoe and the Ivanhoe-Busk Tunnel, as well as early 1900s logging in Hagerman Pass on the W. Hill Branch Line.

Big Sarge's GN, SP&S, and TLRR in N Scale
Jeff Sargeant's Pacific Northwest freelanced railroad features the Great Northern and the Spokane, Portland & Seattle circa 1958. The layout also includes Jeff's own freelanced Teal Lumber Railroad, Standley Mining Railroad, and the Victoria Harbor Railroad. We think you will enjoy his beautifully scenicked and highly-detailed work in N scale.

S Scale New York, Westchester & Boston Railroad
Also enjoy a visit to Dick Karnes' S scale layout this month, where we tour the New York area in his version of the NYW&B's successful future. The layout runs from 1925-1955 and runs electric, steam, and diesel power. The New Haven and New York Central also have trackage rights on the model railroad, which is built for operations. Dick is a skilled modeler, and we think you will appreciate his version of the NYW&B's operations.

Southwestern Pacific
Mike McGinley’s freelanced railroad runs several different railroads and operates in a changing timeframe from 1951 to 2006. Our tour of the layout occurs in 2006 and features mostly Southern Pacific locomotives patched and running under Union Pacific ownership. A few Union Pacific locomotives are also included in the photographs and video of the layout. Mike occasionally runs his own freelanced Southwestern Pacific (SWP) equipment on the layout as well.
The SWP layout is based in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado and features beautifully hand-painted scenes of red rock country, mountain scenes, and Colorado rivers. We include an article about the layout, many photographs, and video of the trains running on the SWP.

Pacific Northwestern Railroad
Our second layout this month is the late Tom Enloe’s Pacific Northwestern (PNW). The PNW is a freelanced joint effort between the Southern Pacific and the Great Northern to travel over the Cascade Mountains to the city of Port on the Oregon Coast. The layout is based in 1953 and includes both diesel and steam power. The PNW layout is based in the fall and is a good layout for operations. The railroad moves predominately coal, logs, and a variety of agricultural products. Tom’s feature also includes video, an article, and photographs.

Sam Juan Scenic Line
We tour Sam Furukawa’s version of the Rio Grande Southern this month. His layout models the RGS route from Ridgway in the north through Vance, Ophir, and south to Rico. Sam built the layout with the help of a few others and it is exquisitely scenicked. The layout is based in the 1940s. Sam runs mostly C and K Class locomotives on double-header trains. Sam’s layout is a good example of a railfanning layout, and he designed it with areas where he can run trains just to watch them climb the grade of the San Juan Mountains.

Cascade Timber Railroad
Bill Wheeler models the freelanced Cascade Timber Railroad and the Fort Vancouver Terminal Railway in a southwestern Washington locale in the 1950s. He models the town of Shannon Port on the Columbia River and Bruce, Cascade Junction, and Eltopia. The railroad serves two logging camps as well as fruit growers and a variety of industries. Bill’s layout is built for operations and has many switching opportunities.