August 2017 Kansas City Southern Lines – Hot Springs Division and Pacific Shores Railroad, Both in HO Scale


The two layout features this August are:
Nick Muff’s
Kansas City Southern Lines – Hot Springs Division

Steven Shores’
Pacific Shores Railroad

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Nick Muff’s Kansas City Southern Lines – Hot Springs Division in HO

Nick Muff’s HO scale KCS layout is centered around the Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. Based in the 1940s, the layout features mostly passenger traffic (but also some freight) from Kansas City south to Shreveport, Louisiana. The scenery is quite detailed and includes custom-built structures and details. This feature includes some extras, as Nick restored an F7A locomotive cab to be KCS No. 20, an E7. He also created a mini-museum of KCS furnishings and history in a Pullman lounge car complete with a pneumatic entry door. We think you will appreciate the full experience of the layout and the added features that Nick has built. Many photographs, video of the layout and a brief interview with Nick about Union Station, and an article about the layout are included. (The full movie includes a much longer interview with Nick that shows the interior and exterior of the F7 cab and the Pullman lounge car that Nick built.)

Steven Shores’ Pacific Shores Railroad in HO

Tour Steven Shores’ HO scale freelanced 1950s-era layout, which is based on the Northern Pacific in the Pacific Northwest. Steven’s main interest is operations, so he carefully planned the Pacific Shores Railroad to maximize his options during an ops session and it includes many industries. Steven runs both steam and diesel locomotives and the layout is fully scenicked. He has included some creative scenery ideas and custom work that we think you will enjoy. This feature includes a video, an article, and photographs of the layout, plus a brief video showing a scenery trick he utilized in one of the tunnels.

Build a Chain-link Fence and Operating Gate in HO Scale – Part 2

We share the second part of a two-part project this month. Last month we showed the steps to make an operational gate, and this month we share the steps to build the chain-link fence to go with it. You can make the fence separately if you wish. For the fence, we offer two different versions: one version is stronger and more detailed, and the other is a little simpler.

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