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The following information shows how many unique file downloads you are allowed depending on the Level of access you purchased.

You can download a unique file as many time as you need to during the life of your access Level. For a more detailed explanation of a 'unique' file download see the bottom of this page.

Free Subscribers are allowed 3 unique free downloads every 30 days
Premium Members are allowed 10 unique file downloads every 1 day
Premium Subscribers are allowed 20 unique file downloads every 1 day

Remember the Full Downloads will include the Mobile, Desktop and HD-Retina magazine plus bonus content in one unique download. We allow you to install and view the magazine on any and all devices within your house hold.

According to our record you have exceeded the allotted number of file downloads for your account.

We have these restrictions in place as one of many measures to help secure the download files, which in turn helps to maintain the high value of the products you have paid for.

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What Is A Unique File?

Repeated downloads of the same exact file are NOT tabulated against the totals below. Once a file has been downloaded, future downloads of the same exact file, by the same exact Member will not be counted against them. In other words, if a Member downloads the same file three times, the system only counts that as one unique download.