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Blu-ray/DVD Video Set

Order the Washo & Wind Gapp Railroad and the Tribute to Seattle on Blu-ray and DVD
The full movie features narrated video of both of these layouts. You'll see more from Bruce about the Washo & Wind Gapp as he shares about the coke ovens he constructed and the mines and mill up in the San Juans. Railfanning-style video of the railroad at work shows the WWG working Washo, Wind Gapp, and up at the mines of Claxon Basin. Bruce also shares a bit more about his structures in a short bonus section.

You'll see more of Jet's interview and more of the layout itself, with the BNSF, Union Pacific, Eastside Freight Railroad, and Amtrak's Sounder all busily serving the city of Seattle. You will enjoy this unique, detail-packed N scale layout full of creativity.

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