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Order the White Line Rail Systems on Blu-ray and DVD
For those who would like to see even more of these two layouts, we make a Blu-ray and DVD each month.

How Three Shortlines Merged to Survive in HO

See Micky White's White Line Rail Systems, three HO scale shortlines that merged to form one company. The three switching layouts are run independently and use mostly leased power. You will enjoy Micky’s weathering and scenic details on the layouts. We share how the separate railroads became one and show the White Line Rail Systems' operations with the CSX in Miami, the BNSF in Washington, and the UP in Minnesota.

West Coast Railroading from Albany, Oregon to the Coast in HO

On the line from Albany west to Toledo in Oregon, we watch the Union Pacific and Southern Pacific operate the freelanced HO scale Cascade Pacific Railroad. You’ll enjoy impressive rock work on the scenic line through Oregon and the beautifully-scenicked Port of Eagle Cove at Toledo. The layout belongs to the Corvallis Society of Model Engineers. The video includes the story of the club and the Cascade Pacific and video of the SP and UP at work.

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Trackside Model Railroading on Blu-ray featuring the best in model railroading tours
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