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November 2016 Free Edition Trackside Model Railroading Digital Magazine

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Trackside Model Railroading launched the third Free Edition on November 20th, 2016! The magazine features the same two layouts each month as the Premium Edition, but it contains less photographs and shorter videos of each layout. The Premium Edition will remain the same as always, advertisement free as it should be. The Free Edition comes in one size that is designed for mobile devices, but will still work fine on a desktop computer. The Free Edition is a smaller version of our Premium Edition.

Accompanying the photographs is an article about each layout and its owner. Whenever possible, we also include high definition video of the trains running on the layout. Clickable videos are inside the magazine when using Adobe's free Acrobat Reader. As you read a layout article, you will come across a video capture image. Just click on the picture and the video will launch. This does require that you have an internet connection, as the videos are in HD and would be too large to embed in the magazine.

Please read our FAQ page here if you need help setting up your account or your password. [/fusion_builder_column_inner]

Sam Juan Scenic Line
We tour Sam Furukawa’s version of the Rio Grande Southern this month. His layout models the RGS route from Ridgway in the north through Vance, Ophir, and south to Rico. Sam built the layout with the help of a few others and it is exquisitely scenicked. The layout is based in the 1940s. Sam runs mostly C and K Class locomotives on double-header trains. Sam’s layout is a good example of a railfanning layout, and he designed it with areas where he can run trains just to watch them climb the grades in San Juan Mountains.
Cascade Timber Railroad
Bill Wheeler models the freelanced HO scale Cascade Timber Railroad and the Fort Vancouver Terminal Railway in a southwestern Washington locale in the 1950s. He models the town of Shannon Port on the Columbia River and Bruce, Cascade Junction, and Eltopia. The railroad serves two logging camps as well as fruit growers and a variety of industries. Bill’s layout is built for operations and has many switching opportunities.
Build a Galvanized Pipe Load for Your Gondola
We show you how to make galvanized pipes to build a custom load for an empty gondola car. This project is not difficult and is suitable for newer modelers. It is inexpensive and could easily be duplicated to create a work train on your layout.

S Scale Narrow Gauge Sam Juan Scenic Line
Trackside Model Railroading S Scale Narrow Gauge Sam Juan Scenic Line

HO Scale Cascade Timber Railroad
Trackside Model Railroading Bill Wheeler’s HO Scale Cascade Timber Railroad