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12 DVD Movie Specifications:
Experience our layout tours like never before on your television as we go trackside and railfan each layout with a narrated story.

DVD Movie Run Time: Over 20 Hours
All video is accompanied with narration except cab ride features.
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Language: English
Appropriate for All Ages
DVD Specs: Format 480/30p for Television DVD Players
Produced by Trackside Model Railroading™
Printed in the USA
Region Free NTSC

Jan 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading January 2018 Full Disc
Stoney Creek and Southern Railroad in On30
Visit WWII-era northeastern Tennessee on Lee Bishop’s Stoney Creek Southern Railroad. The freelanced layout is based on a mythical version of history and has ties to the area’s history. It runs East Tennessee & Western North Carolina Railroad power, hauling commuters from Elizabethton to Buladeen and supplying various goods to the towns of Winner, Hunter, and Sadie. Lee is a history buff and enjoys mixing his love of history with his love of modeling, adding many historically appropriate details on the small narrow gauge layout. Lee runs 4-6-0 Baldwins on the layout, which is based in 1943.

Camas Prairie Railroad in HO
The Camas Prairie Railroad operated in northern Idaho and was jointly owned by the Union Pacific and Northern Pacific Railroads. We feature a freelanced version of it this month built in HO scale by the Lewis-Clark Model Railroad Club of Lewiston, Idaho. The club is loosely based from the 1950s to the 1970s and runs a variety of steam and diesel power. Diesel fans will get to see a few newer locomotives that we ran during our visit, as the club is not strict about the era. The layout’s hub is in Lewiston, Idaho, and the line runs east through Cottonwood and up into the Craig Mountains.

Feb 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading February 2018 Full Disc
Washington Side of the Columbia Gorge Lines in HO Scale
We toured the Oregon side of the Columbia Gorge Lines last April. This month, come see the Washington side of the 60x70 foot layout. In this feature, we focus on the Spokane, Portland & Seattle Railway in the 1950s and have included a creative ride-along story. The SP&S owned the main line on the WA side at that time. For those who enjoy more modern railroads, we include photographs of newer BNSF trains (which owns the main line today) as well as a mixture of other railroads: Northern Pacific, Union Pacific, Amtrak, and a little Southern Pacific and Cotton Belt power. The article includes the ride-along and some information about the club.

The Southern Pacific's Natron Cutoff on the Oregon & California Railway in HO
Bill Baker's freelanced Oregon & California Railway models the Southern Pacific's Natron Cutoff through the Cascade Mountains of Oregon. In Bill's world, the O&C owns the line and leases it to the SP. You will see mostly SP steam locomotives along with a few diesels. You will also see a few Spokane, Portland & Seattle locomotives, as the railroad has trackage rights on the O&C's line. Bill's feature is a bit different than our usual tours, as it is a work in progress and shares many behind-the-scenes building ideas.

Mar 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading March 2018 Full Disc
Modeling the Columbia River Gorge in N Scale
Visit the Columbia River N Scale Club’s layout modeling the Columbia River Gorge with us this month. The layout includes parts of the BNSF main line in Washington and the Union Pacific main line in Oregon and features beautiful scenes along the river. The NTRAK layout also includes industrial areas to make the club’s regular operating sessions more interesting. The route through the Gorge travels from Biggs to Portland. The club generally operates modern trains, but at times they operate as far back as the 1960s. We include some of the predecessor railroads in our shoot (BN, SP, SP&S).

Northern Pacific & Stampede Railway in N Scale
Our second layout tour this month is Mike McGee’s freelanced Northern Pacific & Stampede Pass, also in N scale. The layout models Lester, Washington at Stampede Pass in the Cascade Mountains. It is based on the Northern Pacific in the summer of 1969. In addition to the town of Lester, it includes lovely forested scenes and freelanced towns up in the mountains. The NP&S hauls a variety of freight between Cle Elum in the mountains to the east and the city of Auburn in the west (both are represented in staging), but the main industries on the layout are logging related. The DVD will include cab ride video of both of this month’s layouts.

Apr 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading April 2018 Full Disc
Great Northern Cascade Modelers in HO Scale
See the Great Northern Railway's efforts to cross Stevens Pass in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State. Our feature delves into the history of the railroad's gradual progress as it built switchbacks and two tunnels to cross the mountains. Depending on which route you travel to cross the pass, the layout models anywhere from 1900 to present day. Our feature includes mostly diesel locomotives, as that is what visitors will likely see during a visit to the Wenatchee Valley Museum and Cultural Center where it is located. Enjoy the photographs, local history of the GN and the story of the layout, and video of the layout. We include cab ride videos with this feature.

Disasterville in HO Scale
See the freelanced HO scale Disasterville show layout, featuring many interesting incidents and disasters on this detailed sectional layout. Dave Reagan and Chet Wachsmuth take the sectional layout to shows. They run a variety of western railroads on the layout, which is based in the Pacific Northwest in the 1980s and 1990s. You will see Burlington Northern, BNSF, Kansas City Southern, Amtrak, Union Pacific, and Montana Rail Link in action. We include photos of many of the detailed scenes and events, the story of the layout, and video (including a cab ride).

May 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading May 2018 Full Disc
Mount Hood Railroad in HO Scale
Visit this freelanced pike that travels through the Cascade Mountains, the High Desert, the Blue Mountains, and the Palouse to connect Portland, Oregon and Spokane, Washington. The railroad has an interesting story and hauls quite a variety of freight with an emphasis on logs and related products like woodchips and paper; ore, coal, and gravel; and mixed goods shipped between eastern and western Oregon. Our feature shares a creative ride-along story on the club’s Pioneer passenger train as it travels westward as well as a story about the operations of the layout and the railroad’s mythical history. We share lots of interesting photos of the Mount Hood Railroad Engineers’ beautiful scenery, photographs, and a cab ride video of the layout.

Blue Arrow Lines in HO Scale
See Bodo Capeller’s freelanced Pacific Northwestern layout. He runs an interesting mix of Great Northern and Amtrak electrics and Rio Grande Southern diesel locomotives. The small layout is well-scenicked with a bay, countryside, and two towns. Bodo built custom catenary wiring for the layout, adding to the realism of his work. He runs passenger service and has many people and other details included on the Blue Arrow Lines. We include a cab ride on the layout.

Jun 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading June 2018 Full Disc
Port Columbia & Eastern Railroad in HO Scale
The freelanced Port Columbia & Eastern Railroad connects the town of Port Columbia on the Columbia River with Waitsburg and Orchard on the east side of Washington. The railroad’s route crosses White Pass. It hauls logs and ore down from the mountains and a variety of other freight along the route. You will see the Port Columbia & Eastern’s own custom-painted locomotives in its striking black and yellow paint scheme as well as other power on the layout. Some of the other railroads we include in our feature are the Milwaukee Road, the Union Pacific, and the Great Northern. We think you will enjoy the scenic layout, which includes an interesting wharf, lots of industry in the cities, and the rivers and forests up in the mountains where the logging line and mines operate.

Pacific Rail & Transportation in N Scale
See Mike Bucy’s Pacific Rail & Transportation in operation. The N scale layout is a freelanced shortline built on a door with an extension. Mike is predominately interested in operations, so he has included seven industries for the railroad to serve and an elevated branch line. The Class III railroad also interchanges with the BNSF. The railroad is nicknamed the PacRaT and has a long history in the fictional Pacific Northwestern town of West Creston. It runs older secondhand power, mostly GP9s and GP38s. We include a short video of the layout along with the photos and the story.

Jul 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading July 2018 Full Disc
Southern Pacific Ashland Subdivision
Cascade County Narrow Gauge in On3
Visit Dave Clune's proto-freelanced layout based on the Nevada County Narrow Gauge but set in Oregon from 1925-1932. His Cascade County Narrow Gauge is in On3 and is beautifully scenicked. Dave focuses on mining on his pike, which features detailed, scratch-built structures and interesting operations. His steam locomotives are modeled after many of the NCNG's locomotives and the mines and stamp mill are based on prototypical structures from the time period. We think you will enjoy seeing the operations of this impressive layout.

Modoc-Southern Pacific Line in HO Scale
Southern Pacific fans should enjoy Chuck Clark's freelanced Modoc-Southern Pacific Line in HO scale. The layout connects Klamath Falls, Oregon with Winnemucca, Nevada, travelling through much of California. Chuck runs long trains, hauling all sorts of freight and serving various industries on his double-deck layout. The Modoc has an extensive main line and four branch lines, so there are lots of options for switching during operations. The impressive scenery on the Modoc features mountains, forests, and desert along the route as the trains travel the east-west route.

Aug 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading August 2018 Full Disc
The Montana Rail Link on Mullan Pass in HO
Come see the Montana Rail Link's modern operations over Mullan Pass on Kirk Thompson's HO scale layout. Watch the BNSF and MRL in action, hauling heavy freights up the grade. The layout models the line from Laurel to Missoula with a focus around Helena. Just like the prototype, Kirk runs helpers to assist the trains as they climb the Rockies.

Union Pacific Overland Route in N Scale
Watch the Union Pacific at work as it hauls freight across the country from Nebraska to the west. Bob Bjerke’s N scale layout is a busy railfanning layout featuring heavy traffic and a variety of scenery along the long route. The multi-unit lash-ups haul all sorts of goods on this unusual three-room pike.

Sep 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading September 2018 Full Disc

Montana Operations of the Milwaukee Road
Visit Dave Heckeroth’s Milwaukee Road Rocky Mountain Division with us. The HO scale layout connects eastern Montana and northern Idaho and is based from the 1960s to the 1970s. Dave has constructed beautiful scenes of the MILW’s route with an emphasis on Deer Lodge and Missoula. The MILW includes the Hoerner Waldorf Mill in Schilling as well as lots of other industry and a logging spur, as Dave is primarily interested in operations.

Black Canyon & Western
See Jim Barta’s freelanced HO scale Black Canyon & Western Railroad, based in September 1957. The railroad utilizes both steam and diesel power, and you’ll see a variety of railroads operating on its trackage alongside the BC&W custom power. The BC&W is built for operations and Jim incorporates some unusual ideas to keep it interesting. You will enjoy his creativity and scenery along the route from Utah to Montana.

Oct 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading October 2018 Full Disc

The Failed Pacific & Eastern Lives Again
The Rogue Valley Model Railroaders’ 1980s layout featuring the former Pacific & Eastern of Southern Oregon. The club models what the railroad might have been if its story had continued into the 1980s. The large layout is in HO scale and can be visited at the Medford Railroad Park in southern Oregon. We share photographs and video along with the story of the layout and an interview about the layout. We also share a video of a ride on a 7.5" gauge live steamer at the railroad park and an interview about its operations.

Creative Survival in Northern Idaho
Visit the whimsical, freelanced town of Ohadi and its two railroads: the Idaho, British Columbia and Northern Railway and the Ohadi Street Railway. On this 1950s layout, the residents of Ohadi have come up with a clever way to prosper and created a whole new industry to support the local businesses and the railroad. The layout is built by Richard Hutter in On30.

Nov 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading November 2018 Full Disc

The MRL in Big Sky Country
See Dave Mitchell's freelanced Dakota & Western Montana, a short line that connects the MRL and BNSF main lines. Our feature focuses on the MRL's operations on the layout. You will enjoy Dave's creative scenery, which includes the towns of Deerfield and Lewistown as well as Montana's scenic mountains.

Storytelling on the D&RGW
See Rodney Frey's small HOn3 layout located in southwestern Colorado. The freelanced narrow gauge layout is based in the 1940s and is highly detailed. Rodney runs the Denver & Rio Grande Western on the White Pine D&RGW.

Dec 2018 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading December 2018 Full Disc
Take a Step Back in Time at Cajon Summit
See Cajon Summit as it was in 1950 on Jon Harrison's precise model railroad. The layout focuses on just a few miles of the pass right at Summit, which has allowed Jon to model the area with very little compression and to stay true to the topography at the time. You will see the Santa Fe's 2-10-2s at work as well as the Super Chief and the UP's City of Los Angeles. Fans of Cajon Pass will enjoy his carefully-crafted layout and the beautiful and recognizable scenery of Cajon. We also include an interview with Jon on the DVD.

Cab Forwards on the SP's Modoc Line
Visit Gene Neville's freelanced version of the Modoc on the Great Basin & Pacific. The transition-era layout features impressive cab forwards hauling lumber and other freight out of Oregon through the California desert. Gene runs SP steam locomotives and his own custom RS-1s on the pike, so there is something for steam and diesel fans alike. His version of the Modoc is sure to be of interest to SP fans and those who appreciate operations. Gene shares a bit about the GB&P in an interview on the DVD.

Our DVD movies retail at $32.99. With this deal, you get the DVDs for $14.58 each, which is 56% off the retail price. The first 11 DVDs will ship in early December. The final title for the year will ship in late December when production is complete.

Purchase for $174.99 56% off and get free shipping in the USA only.

12 DVD Movie Specifications:
Experience our layout tours like never before on your television as we go trackside and railfan each layout with a narrated story.

DVD Movie Run Time: Over 20 Hours
All video is accompanied with narration except for the cab ride features.
Audio: 5.1 Dolby Digital
Language: English
Appropriate for All Ages
DVD Specs: Format 480/30p for Television DVD Players
Produced by Trackside Model Railroading™
Printed in the USA
Region Free NTSC

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