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Jan 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading January 2017 Full Disc
Great Northern in Stevens Pass in HO
Larry Kennedy models the electric and steam lines of the Great Northern Railway route from Wenatchee in central Washington State west through the Cascade Mountains and over Stevens Pass. The large HO scale layout is based in 1950 and is exquisitely modeled. Larry’s love for building scenery and structures shows in the quality of his work. You will enjoy wide, picturesque scenes of this layout with both photographs and video. We also include an article about the layout in our feature. Larry’s layout was featured in the NMRA Portland Daylight Express tour in 2015.

West Coast Lumber Company in HO
Chris Jacobs models the West Coast Lumber Company in HO scale on his small garage layout. Chris enjoys modeling detailed scenes and has managed to fit many storytelling mini scenes on the layout. The lumber company operates in the small town of Cascade Junction, based in the Pacific Northwest in the 1950s. It has recently acquired new equipment from a former logging operation in the area and is moving much of that equipment into town by rail. Chris runs both steam and diesel locomotives on the layout. The West Coast Lumber Company feature also includes photos, video, and an article.

Feb 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading February 2017 Full Disc
Washoe Valley Connecting Railway
Ron Ippoliti's freelanced Washoe Valley Connecting Railway in HO and HOn3 was inspired by the shortline Virginia & Truckee Railroad in Nevada. You will see Southern Pacific power on the layout along with Ron's own Washoe Valley Connecting Railway and Yacolt Railway. Ron operates in about 1960 and has modeled the layout in a more Pacific Northwest locale. The layout is built for operations and includes a wide variety of industries and several cities.

Kitchen Canyon Railroad
The Kitchen Canyon Railroad is Dan Allen's HO scale freelanced layout built around the Wauconda Quarry, which produces limestone. In addition to serving the quarry, the railroad hauls fruit, lumber, fertilizer, and other goods for the towns of Kitchen Canyon, Amyville, and Wauconda. The layout is based in 1947 and runs only steam locomotives. The quarry is based on the prototypical Wauconda Quarry, which is located in northeastern Washington State.

Mar 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading March 2017 Full Disc
Colorado & Rio Grande Southern Corp
Greg and Maggie Walters’ HO scale layout is the freelanced Colorado & Rio Grande Southern Corporation, which operates in autumn 1964. The layout is built on three interconnected levels in standard gauge HO, HOn3, and a section of HOn30. The vertical structure allows for quite a bit of railroading in a small space. The showcase layout is a great example of what can be done in a small space when you build vertically.

M&W Railroad
The M&W Railroad is a freelanced HO scale railroad modeled by Chris LeBaugh. The layout features the Great Northern Railway in a freelanced locale in the 1950s. Chris runs both diesel and steam locomotives on the layout, and in addition to the GN he runs some Southern Pacific and Spokane, Portland & Seattle power. The M&W is a good layout for operations.

Apr 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading April 2017 Full Disc
Columbia Gorge Lines
The Columbia Gorge Model Railroad Club's Columbia Gorge Lines is an impressive HO scale layout based in Portland, Oregon. We will be sharing the layout in two parts, as it is quite sizable. The towns and structures on the layout are based in the 1950s, and many of them are custom-built replicas of local structures. However, the club does not restrict locomotives and rolling stock to any particular era and much of what you will see running in our feature is modern. We show a little of the behind-the-scenes of the layout as well, like the dispatching room and some of the staging yards in the basement.

Tillamook, Bay City & Garibaldi Railroad
Jay Becker's freelanced railroad is based in Tillamook, Oregon and is built for switching. The railroad operates from 1995 to present day. We share in detail how Jay runs operations on the TBC&G. If you are interested in operations, you might get some ideas from Jay's layout. He runs operating sessions about once per month. The railroad serves a wide variety of industries and includes a barge in operations.

May 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading May 2017 Full Disc
Wind River Railway
Bill Scheef's freelanced Sn3 layout features the Wind River Railway in 1941. The railroad has just received equipment from the West Side Lumber Company and the Denver & Rio Grande Western so it can help support the war effort. The bi-level layout features mining and logging operations and a port, and the spectacular scenery shows off Bill's creative talents. We include an article, video, and photographs of the WRR in this feature.

Caldwell Model Railroad Club
The Caldwell Model Railroad Club models southern Idaho's Treasure Valley along with parts of eastern Oregon and northern Idaho. The large club layout is freelanced and is constantly changing, but each town has some connection to the prototype. Different towns are based in different eras, and club members run both steam and diesel locomotives from many railroads on the layout. The club also models an N scale layout and both layouts can be visited in person if you wish.

Jun 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading June 2017 Full Disc
Oregon Pacific Railroad
David Willis' HO scale layout features the Oregon Pacific Railroad, which was purchased by the Southern Pacific. In his version of history, the railroad maintained its own identity as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the SP and operates using the SP paint schemes. His layout is a true point-to-point primarily built for operations. The layout features four freelanced towns representative of western Oregon in 1965. The OPRR includes quite a few industries and is beautifully scenicked with many details. This feature includes an article, photographs, and video and a layout map.

Old Boise N Scale Model Railroad Club
This model railroad club models a freelanced version of the Pacific Northwest. The large layout is always changing and club members run a variety of different railroads. You can visit this layout in person if you are in the Boise area. Our feature includes video, an article, and photographs. A map of the layout is also included in the premium version of the magazine.

Jul 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading July 2017 Full Disc
Southern Pacific Ashland Subdivision
Tom Dill’s HO scale Southern Pacific layout is centered in the town of Ashland in southern Oregon. He models the railroad from 1948 to 1952 from Medford south to the Siskiyou Summit. Tom’s excellent modeling provides a scenic look into the SP’s history in the region. He runs predominately steam locomotives (though you will see some diesel power) and many of them are highly customized. With some necessary license taken, Tom operates the layout according to the prototype and models the towns of Ashland, Belleview, and Steinman and a stop in Foliage. He frequently runs 2-10-2s up the steep grade toward the Siskiyou Summit. This feature includes an article about the layout, a video of trains running, and a map.

Dairyville Pacific Railroad N-TRAK Club
This N scale layout is modeled by the Tualatin Valley Model Railroaders and the Portland Area N-TRAK clubs. It was originally a portable N-TRAK modular layout but is now static. The clubs are rebuilding the whole layout, which is 24x33 feet. The Dairyville Pacific is located at the Alpenrose Dairy in the Hillsdale area of Portland and can be visited. It is based in the Columbia River Gorge of Oregon and is not specific to a particular railroad (since club members have varying interests) so you will see a variety of locomotive power in operation. This feature also includes photographs, an article, and a map.

Aug 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading August 2017 Full Disc
Kansas City Southern Lines – Hot Springs Division
Nick Muff’s HO scale KCS layout is centered around the Union Station in Kansas City, Missouri. Based in the 1940s, the layout features mostly passenger traffic (but also some freight) from Kansas City south to Shreveport, Louisiana. The scenery is quite detailed and includes custom-built structures and details. This feature includes some extras, as Nick restored an F7A locomotive cab to be KCS No. 20, an E7. He also created a mini museum of KCS furnishings and history in a Pullman lounge car complete with a pneumatic entry door. We think you will appreciate the full experience of the layout and the added features that Nick has built. Many photographs, videos of both the layout and the extras, and an article about the layout are included.

Pacific Shores Railroad
Steven Shores’ HO scale layout is a freelanced 1950s-era layout based on the Northern Pacific in the Pacific Northwest. Steven’s main interest is operations, and he carefully planned the layout’s function before he began building the Pacific Shores Railroad. The railroad operates in several mythical towns and is fully scenicked with many industries to provide for interesting operations. Steven runs both steam and diesel locomotives. He has included some creative scenery ideas and custom work that we think you will enjoy. This feature includes a video, an article, and photographs of the layout.

Sep 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading September 2017 Full Disc
Paradox Valley Railroad
Mike Long’s freelanced On30 layout is based in the 1930s in the lowlands of the Colorado Rocky Mountains. The large layout is built on two levels with a gradual uphill climb instead of a helix. Mike enjoys operations and has included a variety of industries on the layout along with the PVRR’s main focus of hauling logs and lumber, livestock, and coal. The layout includes a logging line owned by the Thomas Brothers Lumber Company. Mike has scenicked most of the layout and is frequently altering parts of it to change operating procedures. We show photographs and video of the trains on the PVRR and have included a CTC (centralized traffic control) map in the Premium Edition for clarity.

Beaverton Modular Railroad Club
We share the Beaverton Modular Railroad Club’s portable HO scale layout this month. It is a good example of a collaborative effort, as the club members have shared the effort to build the separate modules. The layout includes a port, an industrial area, an airport, a nine-track yard, and farming areas. Members have built modules in different seasons and can build the layout with the seasons they wish to showcase at a particular event. Our feature includes videos and photos of the layout and some of the members’ custom-painted locomotives. The Premium Edition includes a map of this layout.

Oct 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading October 2017 Full Disc
Fort Worth and Great Northern
Clint Brown's Fort Worth and Great Northern features the Missouri-Kansas-Texas and the Texas & Pacific in the 1950s from Denison to Waco, Texas. The urban layout has good opportunities for interesting switching and many beautiful structures that Clint has built. The layout is centered around downtown Fort Worth and Tower 55, where nine Class 1 railroads operated at the time. Clint includes Denison’s Ray Yard and Fort Worth’s Ginny and Ney Yards on the point-to-point layout. Anyone who loves Texas railroads or interesting operations should appreciate Clint’s work. Our coverage of the Fort Worth and Great Northern includes an article, photographs, video of the layout in action, and an aerial-style map.

Beaverton Suburban & Western Oregon
We previously shared the Beaverton Modular Railroad Club’s portable HO scale layout. This month, we tour their permanent layout, the Beaverton Suburban & Western Oregon Branch Lines. The BS&WOBL is HO and HOn3 and is located in a freelanced version of the city of Beaverton and the surrounding areas in Oregon, including a line up into the Cascade Mountains. The layout includes city running, an amusement park, a mine, and various industries. You can visit this layout in person at the Alpenrose Dairy in Portland. Our feature includes photos, video, an article, and an aerial-style map.

Nov 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading November 2017 Full Disc
Columbia, Cascade & Western Railroad
The Willamette Model Railroad Club's Columbia, Cascade & Western is a freelanced HO scale version of the railroad that could have existed if the line over the Cascade Mountains on Santiam Pass had been successfully built. The railroad connects Albany, Oregon in the west with Bend, Oregon in the east and is based in September 1979. The CC&W has its own paint schemes in both red and blue. It interchanges with the Burlington Northern, the Southern Pacific, and the Western Pacific. During our shoot, we focused on CC&W and BN power, so you will see a colorful variety of locomotives. The club focuses on operations and has carefully-planned sessions with a dispatcher. Many industries are served by the CC&W and the beautiful scenery makes for impressive scenes in both photographs and video. We include two maps made by the club and several CTC-style aerial images that we made of parts of the layout.

Oregon Trunk & Pacific Railroad
Take a step back in time on Dan Wynia's freelanced 1950s-era Oregon Trunk & Pacific. Dan models the Great Northern and the Spokane, Portland & Seattle from Vancouver, Washington east to Bend, Oregon. He runs both passenger and freight trains on the layout, operating both late steam and early diesel locomotives. He is interested in operations and designed the layout so that he could operate it on his own or with several crew members. The OT&P is operated as out and back between Vancouver and Bend with an interchange into Camas, Washington that makes for a challenge due to limited access. You will see a variety of industries represented on the OT&P and we share photos, video, and an article about the railroad. This feature also includes 360 degree images and video.

Dec 2017 Layouts

Trackside Model Railroading December 2017 Full Disc
McCloud River Railroad
Visit the McCloud River Railroad on Ry Bates' HO scale layout in this "ride-along" story. His small layout features the northern California shortline in August 1969. Ry's custom-painted power and creative scenery complement the railroad's operations. He models the McCloud River from the town of McCloud to Burney, interchanging with the Western Pacific and Great Northern at Lookout Junction and with the Southern Pacific at Pierce Summit.

Northwest Industrial
Our second layout for December is Chet Wachsmuth's freelanced Northwest Industrial. The HO scale layout is set in the Inland Northwest and is centered around the freelanced town of Marysville. He runs a variety of power and rolling stock, so you will see a number of different of western railroads in action. Chet enjoys building scenery and has included lots of industry in Marysville as well as the scenic surrounding mountains.

Each DATA-DVD disc retails at $12.99 but with this deal you will get them for $8.33 each, that is 35% off the retail price.

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